The Importance properly installed Ducts

According to the "Energy Star" program of the US Department of Energy, faulty ducts installed in attics are responsible for 20% or more of the loss of heating or air conditioning in homes
This results in a higher electricity bill and the difficulty of maintaining a comfortable home.
Leaky ducts also put extra stress on your heating and cooling equipment.
This is a very significant problem and one that causes significant consternation for homeowners in the Houston area particularly.
On average, a duct system that is not operating optimally could be wasting up to 40% of the energy it should provide, in either hot or cold air.
It may sound like a very small thing today, but if you add it on a day-to-day basis, those expenses will add up quickly.

Some sings of energy loss in the Ducts are:  

High electricity bills in winter and summer

Difficulty heating or cooling rooms

Sweltering rooms that never feel comfortable

Tangled or twisted ducts

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