Benefits of regular maintenance of your central Air Conditioner

The key to optimizing the performance of your air conditioning system is to maintain it regularly.

The energy efficiency of air conditioning systems tends to deteriorate over time, which increases the cost of operation. We can help you maximize the efficiency of your system
It's less expensive to prevent problems before they happen than it is to have damaged parts and need to replace them. Preventative maintenance can reduce the chances of costly repairs on the hottest days of the year when your system is under the most stress.
It's not just about the cost of an inefficient system or a major repair. The loss of cooling capacity on the hottest days can be downright unpleasant. Preventative maintenance can help keep your systems running smoothly.
Proper maintenance of your system can extend the trouble-free life of your system, thereby improving the value of your investment.



Our 29-point inspection and tune-up service is designed to keep your system in optimal running conditions year-round. Our technicians will address any problems that your AC unit may have
before they can affect the other components of your HVAC system.
What’s Included?
✅ We Inspect All Filters, including any Media or Whole-Home Air Filters to Ensure Indoor Air Quality.
✅ We Inspect the Blower Wheel.
✅ We Inspect and Test the Condensate Drain Line.
✅ We Inspect the Outdoor (Condenser) Coil if Accessible.
✅ We Visually Check for Refrigerant Leaks.
✅ We Check and Clean Thermostat and Test Its Operation.
✅ We Check Metering Device if Accessible.
✅ We Check Return Air Temperature.
✅ We Check Supply Air Temperature.
✅ We Check Wet Tub Temperature (if applicable).
✅ We Check Temperature drop(s).
✅ We Check Disconnect Box, Wire Sizes,
✅ We Check Operation of Service Valves.
✅ We Test and Measure Capacitor Voltage and Start Component.
✅ We Test the Amperage of Your Compressor.
✅ We Check Contactor and Relays.
✅ We Check Compressor and Fan Motor Current.
✅ We Measure the Suction Line Temperature.
✅ We Measure Suction Pressure.
✅ We Measure Superheat/Subcool.
✅ We Measure the Air Entering the Outdoor Coil.
✅ We Measure Discharge Temperature.
✅ We Measure Discharge Pressure.
✅ We Check Refrigerant Charge.
✅ We Evaluate the Condition and the Overall Efficiency of Equipment.
✅ We Visually Inspect Insulation for Proper Levels and Conditioning.
✅ We Visually Inspect Air Ducts for Correct Sizing and Leakage.
✅ We Clean the Condensing Coil