The importance of taking care of the air conditioning of our homes

Efficient energy consumption

Knowing how many BTUs your air conditioner needs, it is important to analyze that the device has good energy efficiency, in order to avoid high electricity bills and reduce the environmental footprint of the home.

Air conditioners that use fixed speed compressors require more energy to work because they use their maximum speed until reaching the desired temperature, once it is achieved it turns off. This repeated process of turning on and off consumes a lot of energy and creates a fluctuation in the ambient temperature.



The temperature and quality of the air not only provide us with greater comfort but also help take care of our health.

If you have ever had to work, study or carry out any activity that requires a lot of concentration in an environment where the temperature is very high or very low and without the possibility of having a device that allows you to regulate it, you will understand how essential it is to have with good air conditioning.

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