Trane Electric or Gas units

Trane gas systems maximize the efficiency of two machines in one unit.

These systems provide a solution for heating and air conditioning in certain regions where households have only a single cabinet with limited space for a split system.

Choose from all-electric, gas, or combination systems.


Trane packaged unit

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Amana Electric or Gas Units

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency equals savings. AMANA units offer up to 16 SEER of performance in summer time.

“SEER” is an acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, a unit of measure used by the US Department of Energy to rate the cooling efficiency of air conditioners.

The higher the "SEER" the greater the efficiency and the lower the cost of operation. Compared to lower SEERs, AMANA units can provide significant savings on your electricity bill


amana packaged


Silent Comfort

You can be sure that your Amana unit will provide you with quiet operation. To minimize operating sounds, they have combined quiet compressor technologies with high-density foam covers, plus a fully insulated fan compartment to provide low-noise performance.


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